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HORZE Womens Limited time cheap Max 51% OFF sale Kiana Breeches Seat Full

HORZE Womens Kiana Full Seat Breeches


HORZE Womens Kiana Full Seat Breeches

Product description

The Horze Women's Kiana Full Seat Breeches are gorgeous breeches with plenty of style. These fun schooling pants are designed with a stretchable full seat for a full range of motion in the saddle. The silicon swirl pattern on the inside leg adds a good grip and plenty of fashion flair. Additional design features include the curved color contrast that provides a flattering look, along with a comfortable mid-rise waist and elastic leg bottoms. Breeches like these provide a great fit and will help to maintain a comfortable body temperature while offering the latest style. The functional, breathable, bi-stretch fabric retains its shape and is water and dirt repellent. For a slimmer silhouette, the side seam is moved to the front. Materials: Eros fabric 93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane.

HORZE Womens Kiana Full Seat Breeches

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