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Proforged 108-10156 Front Right Upper Control Arm

Proforged 108-10156 Front Right Upper Control Arm

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Welcome to DPMMS 

The Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (DPMMS) (including the 7 For All Mankind Baby Boys Space Dye Henley T-Shirt and Twill S as a sub-department) conducts teaching and research across a wide range of pure mathematics, probability and statistics.   DPMMS currently hosts over 100 Academic and Research Staff and around 80 PhD students over three Pavilions as part of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences. 

Read more at: CMS COVID Guidance

CMS COVID Guidance

As of 14 September 2021, CMS Guidance has  been updated.

Read more at: Professor Peter Whittle (27 February 1927 - 10 August 2021)

Professor Peter Whittle (27 February 1927 - 10 August 2021)

We have heard today the sad news that Peter Whittle has died. Peter was the first Churchill Professor of Mathematics for Operational Research, from 1967 until his retirement in 1994.

Read more at: Locally analytic representations of p-adic groups

Locally analytic representations of p-adic groups

Half day meeting Friday 10 September 2021

Read more at: Congratulations to Jack Thorne

Congratulations to Jack Thorne

awarded the 2022 New Horizons in Mathematics Prize

Read more at: Congratulations to Ailsa Keating

Congratulations to Ailsa Keating

2021 LMS prize winner, awarded a Berwick Prize

Read more at: Congratulations to Sir John Aston

Congratulations to Sir John Aston

knighted for services to Statistics and Public Policymaking.

Read more at: Congratulations to Holly Krieger

Congratulations to Holly Krieger

named as a 2021–2022 fellow at Harvard Radcliffe Institute.

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Read more at: Congratulations to Richard Samworth

Congratulations to Richard Samworth

on being elected a Fellow of the Royal Society

Read more at: Congratulations to Mark Gross and Richard Samworth

Congratulations to Mark Gross and Richard Samworth

awarded European Research Council funding

Read more at: Congratulations to John Aston

Congratulations to John Aston

We are delighted to annouce that, with effect from 1 January 2021,  John Aston has been elected as the Harding Professor of Statistics in Public Life

Read more at: Workshop in honour of James Norris' 60th birthday

Workshop in honour of James Norris' 60th birthday

Scaling limits: from statistical mechanics to manifolds 5-7 September 2022


14:30 - 15:30: Title to be confirmed
Number Theory Seminar

Differential Geometry and Topology Seminar

17:00 - 18:00: tbc
Peter Whittle Lecture

13:45 - 14:45: Title to be confirmed
Geometric Group Theory (GGT) Seminar

16:00 - 17:00: TBC