$79 Bella Hair Mixed Length 12",14",16" Brazilian Bouncy Curls 3pcs Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Bella Hair Mixed Length 12" 14" Rapid rise 16" 3pcs Curls Bouncy Brazilian Bella Hair Mixed Length 12" 14" Rapid rise 16" 3pcs Curls Bouncy Brazilian Mixed,Length,Bouncy,knightsofcharity.org,$79,Hair,Curls,12",14",16",Brazilian,3pcs,Bella,/jock1303128.html,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care Mixed,Length,Bouncy,knightsofcharity.org,$79,Hair,Curls,12",14",16",Brazilian,3pcs,Bella,/jock1303128.html,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care $79 Bella Hair Mixed Length 12",14",16" Brazilian Bouncy Curls 3pcs Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Bella Hair Mixed Length 12

Bella Hair Mixed Length 12",14",16" Brazilian Bouncy Curls 3pcs


Bella Hair Mixed Length 12",14",16" Brazilian Bouncy Curls 3pcs

Product description

Size:12" 14" 16"

All of Bella Hair is 100% unprocessed human virgin hair. The hair is cut from the donor in one heavy ponytail,
with the cuticle layers intact and all facing in the same direction so that the hair will not tangle.
Every weft is with double layer for reinforced amp; minimum shedding.

Bella FAQ:
Q1. 100% Human Hair?
A: Testing by BURNING- Human hair will show white smoke while burning and will turn to ash;
Synthetic hair will show black smoke and will be a sticky ball after burning.
Q2. Hair Length?
A: Stretching the hair to be STRAIGHT and then measure(0.1-0.3 inch margin for error is accepted).
Q3. For Full Head?
A: about 100g/bundle. Usually 3 bundles are enough to make a full head. If you like Thicker or need Longer hair,
it's best to wear one more bundle. As the Longer the Length is, the Thinner the hair is.
Q4. Hair Color?
A: All our hair is Natural Black Color. All Items are for Real Shooting. For display, light, environmental reasons may be a Slight Deviation phenomenon, please in kind prevail.
NOTE: We won't pay the shipping cost for the Return because of Color Reason.
Q5. Return/Refund Policy?
A: For any Quality Problems, Please Contact us first and offer pictures to explain it within 7 days upon receiving your items.
After we confirm, you can return the item back for Full Refund, and we also pay the return shipping cost. Note: ITEMS MUST be in their ORIGINAL CONDITION.

Insure the Best Quality for the Best Price possible. For further concerns, feel free to contact us

Bella Hair Mixed Length 12",14",16" Brazilian Bouncy Curls 3pcs

Saturday, September 25, 2021
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