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5 popular Nicebee 67% OFF of fixed price ABS Carbon Fiber Grain Dec Accessories Interior Exterior

Nicebee ABS Carbon Fiber Grain Exterior/Interior Accessories Dec


Nicebee ABS Carbon Fiber Grain Exterior/Interior Accessories Dec

Product description

Color:4pcs/Set Interior Door Handle Decoration Strip

100% Brand new and Good quality
Material:High Quality ABS Plastic
Color:Carbon Fiber
Easy installation, 3M tape is at the Back.
Item Fitment:
Fit for 2017-2020 Ford Raptor F150 LTD
Package included:4pcs/Set Interior Door Handle Decoration Strip
Step1: Please clean the place and make sure no dust.
Step2: Remove the 3m glue in back.
Step3: Heat the 3m glue by hot air gun or hair dryer.
Step 4: Install the products in the right place. Don't wash your car within 48 hours.
Pls compare your car with our picture, confirm it would be fit before buying.

Nicebee ABS Carbon Fiber Grain Exterior/Interior Accessories Dec

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