$83 Deluxe Kids Teepee Play Tent in Cotton Canvas with Attached Floo Baby Products Nursery $83 Deluxe Kids Teepee Play Tent in Cotton Canvas with Attached Floo Baby Products Nursery Deluxe Kids Teepee Play Tent in Canvas Attached Floo with Large special price !! Cotton in,Floo,with,Tent,Cotton,Canvas,Attached,Kids,Play,knightsofcharity.org,$83,/gynoecium1762483.html,Baby Products , Nursery,Teepee,Deluxe Deluxe Kids Teepee Play Tent in Canvas Attached Floo with Large special price !! Cotton in,Floo,with,Tent,Cotton,Canvas,Attached,Kids,Play,knightsofcharity.org,$83,/gynoecium1762483.html,Baby Products , Nursery,Teepee,Deluxe

Deluxe Kids Teepee Play Tent in OFFicial mail order Canvas Attached Floo with Large special price Cotton

Deluxe Kids Teepee Play Tent in Cotton Canvas with Attached Floo


Deluxe Kids Teepee Play Tent in Cotton Canvas with Attached Floo

Product description

Color:Gray/White Stripes

A children's teepee for the modern kid, featuring a high quality, functional design with velcro openers for little hands, fabric tie closures, a coordinated, fully-attached floor, small fabric hooks for tent stakes, and a fine mesh peekaboo window.

Perfect for story time, games, toy storage, creative play, a cup of tea, a round of pirates, a game of toddler hide and seek or peekaboo, and a cozy spot for a restful nap.

This playhouse is a great addition to any little boy's or girl's nursery, bedroom, playroom, or family room.

100% durable cotton canvas with sturdy bamboo poles.

Fully attached floor in coordinated stripes for added coziness and extra stability.

Easy to assemble, take down, and clean (machine washable), with simple assembly instructions included.

Measures 48 in. x. 48 in. x 62 in. when fully assembled (interior is 58 inches high).

Folds up for easy storage, and comes with a matching carrying case, so that your Modern Wonderland play tent can travel wherever little imaginations go!

Deluxe Kids Teepee Play Tent in Cotton Canvas with Attached Floo

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