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21" Motor Front Fender Motorcycle Front Mudguard Compatible Fits


21" Motor Front Fender Motorcycle Front Mudguard Compatible Fits

Product description

Color:Matte black

?Product Description:
● The front fenders on the entire wheel, no matter what the road conditions, they can isolate the sand on the board.
● The front fender is made of high-quality steel and is impact resistant.
● Give your vehicle a beautiful and aggressive appearance.
● Easy and quick installation. You need to drill, not including instructions.

● Locate the vehicle: front
● Color :Bright black, Matte Black
● Material: Steel
● Need to drill: Yes
● Package content: 1 front fender, 1X gasket bracket kit, does not include installation instructions

Make sure that this part is suitable for your motorcycle before buying. If you have any questions during the installation process, please contact us in time.

21" Motor Front Fender Motorcycle Front Mudguard Compatible Fits

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