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GEDORE 119 L Pin Punch Set


GEDORE 119 L Pin Punch Set

From the manufacturer

GEDORE 1263 L Tool Box, Empty, 3 compartments, 160x420x225 mm GEDORE S 8393 Plier Set, 3pcs (142 10 TL, 8250-200 JC, 8314-180 JC) GEDORE OX 350-0850 Straight adze 85 mm GEDORE 380000 Combi-Stepped Key No. 380100 with Ratchet 1/2" No. 380200 GEDORE 1500 E-N L ES Tool Module Empty GEDORE E-PH 6-12 L Plastic Holder, Empty for 12 spanners no. 6
GEDORE OX 53-0000 Tong 185 mm GEDORE OX E-87 E-1180 Spare Handle, ash, 1180 mm GEDORE OX 20 H-1608 Universal Forestry Axe, Hickory Handle 1600 g GEDORE OX 172 A-0700 Aluminium hookeroon 700 mm Gedore OX 62-0800 Bark Spud Daun Pattern, Yellow GEDORE OX 648 H-2508 Axe Split-Quick ROTBAND-Plus with Hickory Handle 80 cm
GEDORE 269 F 9 Flexible Milled File Blade 9" GEDORE 640-3000 Magnetic Lifter 520 mm, d 16.5 mm GEDORE 0175-10 Scraper 100 mm GEDORE 425026 Narrow Blade Snips with Lever Action 260 mm GEDORE 922 12 Work Gloves M-Pact XXL/12 GEDORE 40 Z 45-50 Hook Wrench with pin, 45-50 mm
GEDORE D 30 L 10 Socket 3/8", Long 10 mm GEDORE 20 6 Socket 1/4" 6 mm GEDORE D 19 5/8W Socket 1/2" 5/8 W GEDORE D 21 75 Socket 1" 75 mm GEDORE ITX 20 K T15 Screwdriver bit Socket 1/4" TORX T15 GEDORE 19 L 27 Socket 1/2", Long 27 mm
GEDORE TX K 19 E14 Impact Socket 1/2" TORX E14 GEDORE V 42 3 VDE Hexagon Allen Key 3 mm GEDORE RED Combination spanner set size6-32mm 21pcs GEDORE 1591711 Axe Split-Quick, Hickory Handle, 80cm Length GEDORE 2494639 Socket Wrench with 2C-T-Handle TORX E4 GEDORE 2495805 TORX E8 Socket Wrench with 2C-T-Handle, 222mm Length

GEDORE 119 L Pin Punch Set

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