Figella Leather Office File Rack Deluxe Woode Tray Case Filing Document $49 Figella Leather Office File Rack Document Filing Tray Case Woode Office Products Office Furniture Lighting Figella Leather Office File Rack Deluxe Woode Tray Case Filing Document Case,Rack,Leather,,File,Figella,Woode,Office,$49,Filing,Document,/gluttonish1715959.html,Tray,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting Case,Rack,Leather,,File,Figella,Woode,Office,$49,Filing,Document,/gluttonish1715959.html,Tray,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting $49 Figella Leather Office File Rack Document Filing Tray Case Woode Office Products Office Furniture Lighting

Figella Daily bargain sale Leather Office File Rack Deluxe Woode Tray Case Filing Document

Figella Leather Office File Rack Document Filing Tray Case Woode


Figella Leather Office File Rack Document Filing Tray Case Woode

Product description


About Figella :
Figella is focus on high class leather materials products- RD amp; Manufacturing...
With more than 10 years experience ,we engaged in providing the fashionable and creative leather home/office products to global customers. we own

a- More than 2000㎡ warehouse
b- thousand of stocks ready for short delivery
c- Hundreds of Items, Each design of more than 20

Highlights :

01- * High Qaulity PU Leather for cover
02- * High Density Fibreboard Wooden structure (MDF)
03- * Pure Handmade Sewing and Stitched
04- * 2 Slots Layers document file holder

Technical datas :

Item name: leather file holder file racks
Product Size: Square (small): 27.5*36.5*7(tray.h)x21cm (full h)
Package: 1 unit / pp bag/carton

Figella Leather Office File Rack Document Filing Tray Case Woode

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