Tecoom LED Fog Lights Ranking TOP19 1 Pair Lamps Bumper Compatibl Driving Fog,/gluttonish1378259.html,Driving,$51,Lights,,Compatibl,LED,Lamps,Pair,knightsofcharity.org,Tecoom,Fog,1,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Bumper $51 Tecoom LED Fog Lights, 1 Pair Bumper Driving Fog Lamps Compatibl Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories $51 Tecoom LED Fog Lights, 1 Pair Bumper Driving Fog Lamps Compatibl Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Tecoom LED Fog Lights Ranking TOP19 1 Pair Lamps Bumper Compatibl Driving Fog,/gluttonish1378259.html,Driving,$51,Lights,,Compatibl,LED,Lamps,Pair,knightsofcharity.org,Tecoom,Fog,1,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Bumper

Tecoom LED Fog Lights Ranking TOP19 1 Pair Lamps Bumper Compatibl shipfree Driving

Tecoom LED Fog Lights, 1 Pair Bumper Driving Fog Lamps Compatibl


Tecoom LED Fog Lights, 1 Pair Bumper Driving Fog Lamps Compatibl

Product Description

About Us

Tecoom off road lights are made to provide you with maximum visibility in fog, rain, and even snow so that you can make your outdoor travels safer and easier. Each Fog Light is located behind its own projector lens to create a wide and bright pattern on the road to add another layer of safety while the durable aluminum shell allows you to safely use it in both cold and hot weather.

The powder-coated cast aluminum housing offers more durability than plastic while acting as a heat sink to maintain the optimal temperature while protecting the LED bulbs from rain, moisture, snow, and debris to make sure they provide reliable and lasting use.

Each Tecoom truck fog light is specifically made to be compatible with original equipment to ensure a perfect fit and comes with all the essentials you need to quickly and easily install it on your own. Make the smart choice and maintain your safety even on foggy nights with Tecoom bright fog lights!


Wattage 15W+8W DRL
Waterproof IP67 Rating
Lumen 2250LM + 1200LM
Color Temperature 6000-6500K
Beam LED 3LED X 5W+16LED X 0.5W
Housing Material Aluminum
Lens Material Plastic
Number of Bulbs 3+16DRL
Light Source Type LED

Tecoom LED Fog Lights, 1 Pair Bumper Driving Fog Lamps Compatibl

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