$56 SEGO 22 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions 40pcs 100g /Dark Brown/ Omb Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $56 SEGO 22 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions 40pcs 100g /Dark Brown/ Omb Beauty Personal Care Hair Care SEGO 22 Inch Tape In Hair Omb 100g 40pcs Brown Dark SALENEW very popular! Extensions Extensions,knightsofcharity.org,/exalter1303319.html,In,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Tape,Hair,40pcs,Inch,22,100g,Omb,$56,/Dark,SEGO,Brown/ Extensions,knightsofcharity.org,/exalter1303319.html,In,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Tape,Hair,40pcs,Inch,22,100g,Omb,$56,/Dark,SEGO,Brown/ SEGO 22 Inch Tape In Hair Omb 100g 40pcs Brown Dark SALENEW very popular! Extensions

SEGO 22 Inch Tape In Hair Omb 100g 40pcs Wholesale Brown Dark SALENEW very popular Extensions

SEGO 22 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions 40pcs 100g /Dark Brown/ Omb


SEGO 22 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions 40pcs 100g /Dark Brown/ Omb

Product Description

SEGO is a professional hair product seller with rich experiences of over 16 years in hair product manufacturing. We have professional teams from manufacture, photography, packing and logistics.Through the years SEGO has been keeping updating our products to catch up with customer's taste and improve our quality.Your satisfaction is our greatest purpose.

Our service:

  • If you're not sure about color,send us a photo of your hair in natural light and we will give professional advice.
  • If having problem with the product you recieve,please give us a chance to help you before leaving reviews.We will try our best to work it out.
  • US local warehouse.Quick shipment via UPS.

Tape in Hair Extension

Convenient,durable and totally invisible.Tape in human hair extension is now one of the most popular choices for hair length and volume adding or best solution for an awful haircut.Made of 100% healthy remy hair,the hair presents impressive silky texture,can be dyed or restyled like your own hair.Reuasble hypoallergenic tape and special layered design contribute to a most natural appearance.No need to worry about someone else discovering your secret!


  1. Material: 100% remy human hair.Soft and bouncy.Straight but can be curled
  2. Hair life: 6-12 months (depending on your care)
  3. Glue life: 1-2 months (each package contains 10 addional tapes for exchangement)
  4. Length: 12/14/16/18/20/22/24 inches
  5. Weight: 30/40/50/80/100 grams
  6. Quantity: 20 pcs/pack(30/40/50g),40 pcs/pack(80/100g)


  1. 100% remy human hair:Collected from healhy young donor.You will like the soft and bouncy feeling.
  2. Restylable:Can be dyed,curled or straightened.(only light color can be dyed darker)
  3. Layered design:Special design to immitate the layer of natural growing hair for a more natural look.
  4. Hypoallergenic tapes:Sticky and strong enough to hold the hair with no harm to skin,also easy to remove with professional remover.
  5. Reusable tape:Tapes can be replaced once they lose their stickness.10 free tapes are provided.

How to Wear


Layered Design

Natural growing hair has layers as they grow at a different speed. To help create a more natural look,our extensions are specially designed to immitate this texture of natural hair by getting the ends thinner than its forepart.Ends of equal thickness won't have layers.

So don't be surprised at the ends at first sight,put it on and you will find it's advantage.

Attention:If your hair is too thin at the end already and want to add fullness of the end,it may not perfectly meet your need due to this texture unless you order longer length.


Points for Attention:

Does the hair dry wavy?

Yes,it's common that human hair dries wavy.The texture also changes after washing and looks thicker.Please be sure your hair is 100% dry before sleeping on it.Otherwise it will get frizzy,

Can it be bleached or dyed?

Yes,this product is made of 100% pure human hair, so you can dye or bleach it to match you hair color. And we offer you some warm tips to note: 1.Only the light color hair can be dye to darker color,and the darkcolor can be bleached to the lighter color. 2.You can try one pcs hair first to make sure that is not spoiled 3. Many consumers dye their favourite color successfully but #613 produced by bleaching so it is easy to break when dying again. We don't suggest the #60 and #613 be dyed again 4.You'd better color it under the guidance or help of the professionals.

Can it be straightened or curled?

Human hair can be straightened or curled as you like and we recommend applying thermal hair protector each time before adding heat.

About color:

Color might be slightly different from the picture showed considering light and different monitor.If you are not sure about color,send us you hair picture in natural light and we will give advice.

About odour:

Product may remain a bit chemical smelling after processing.If it does,soak it with fragrant conditioner for a while and the odour will disappear.

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Nano Ring Hair Extensions Clip in Hair Extensions Messy Hair Bun 10*12 cm Hair Topper Hat Hair Extensions Half Wig Hair Extensions
Material 100% Human Hair 100% Human Hair 100% Human Hair 100% Human Hair Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber

SEGO 22 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions 40pcs 100g /Dark Brown/ Omb

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