Dimmable,LED,/epityphlon1298153.html,2x2ft,to,$53,3x3ft,S,knightsofcharity.org,Light,1000-A,Coverage,TS,Full,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,Grow $53 TS 1000-A LED Grow Light Dimmable 2x2ft to 3x3ft Coverage Full S Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care TS 1000-A Max 51% OFF LED Grow Light Dimmable 3x3ft Coverage S Full to 2x2ft TS 1000-A Max 51% OFF LED Grow Light Dimmable 3x3ft Coverage S Full to 2x2ft $53 TS 1000-A LED Grow Light Dimmable 2x2ft to 3x3ft Coverage Full S Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care Dimmable,LED,/epityphlon1298153.html,2x2ft,to,$53,3x3ft,S,knightsofcharity.org,Light,1000-A,Coverage,TS,Full,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,Grow

TS 1000-A Max 51% OFF LED Time sale Grow Light Dimmable 3x3ft Coverage S Full to 2x2ft

TS 1000-A LED Grow Light Dimmable 2x2ft to 3x3ft Coverage Full S


TS 1000-A LED Grow Light Dimmable 2x2ft to 3x3ft Coverage Full S

Product description

Size:TS 1000-A

TS 1000-A LED grow light is a full-spectrum illumination, the illumination closest to natural sunlight. Separately equipped with adjustable dimming button, it can give enough light to plants in various growth stages. High energy efficiency, low consumption, equivalent to 600W-800W of traditional light bulbs.


Veg Footprint: 3x3ft

Flower Footprint:2x2ft

Energy Efficiency:2.1 umol/j

Lifespan: ≥30,000hrs

Dimming Type:stepless dimming 0-11500Lm

Lamp Beads: 126 white bulbs(3500k) + 18 red bulbs(660nm)

Input Power: 100.3W±3%@AC120V


Work Temperature: -4°F~149°F (-20°C~65°C)

Diode Waterproof:YES

Driver Waterproof: NO

The Box Includes

1 x grow light board

1 x dimmable hanger

1 x steel hanger

1 x instruction

1 x retractable rope

Installation Steps

1. Hook the hook of the suspension kit to the light board

2. Pass the retractable rope through the hook at the top of the suspension kit to adjust the height

3. Connect the plug and dimmer

4. Hang the light board above the plant ,then turn the dimming button after power on


1. The driver is not waterproof.

2.Please do not look at the light directly .

3.The PPDF reading data measured by different testing instruments in different environments,that may have some errors,please refer to the actual measured data.

TS 1000-A LED Grow Light Dimmable 2x2ft to 3x3ft Coverage Full S

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