Tuningpros SS-271 Custom Fit Car Shade Protector Sun Windshield Lowest price challenge $23 Tuningpros SS-271 Custom Fit Car Windshield Sun Shade Protector, Automotive Interior Accessories SS-271,$23,Sun,Protector,,Shade,knightsofcharity.org,Windshield,Custom,Tuningpros,Car,Fit,Automotive , Interior Accessories,/en/red-tourism-communism-around-the-world/ $23 Tuningpros SS-271 Custom Fit Car Windshield Sun Shade Protector, Automotive Interior Accessories Tuningpros SS-271 Custom Fit Car Shade Protector Sun Windshield Lowest price challenge SS-271,$23,Sun,Protector,,Shade,knightsofcharity.org,Windshield,Custom,Tuningpros,Car,Fit,Automotive , Interior Accessories,/en/red-tourism-communism-around-the-world/

Tuningpros SS-271 Custom Fit Car Shade Protector 5% OFF Sun Windshield Lowest price challenge

Tuningpros SS-271 Custom Fit Car Windshield Sun Shade Protector,


Tuningpros SS-271 Custom Fit Car Windshield Sun Shade Protector,

Product description

This custom fit sunshade is the most popular accessory for all vehicles. Made with reflective mylar film in silver (front) and felt material in grey (back). It's also made with supporting boards which prevent the sunshade from falling (anti-droop / anti-sag). This unique fit folding thermal shade provide protection against heat and damaging sunlight at the same time. It can help to keep temperature lower inside parked vehicle and protect dashboard and leather seat from cracking or fading from UV sunlight. It can decrease daytime interior temperatures (~30 degrees Fahrenheit). Installation is easy. Just unfold the sunshade and put on dashboard. You can finish the installation in seconds. Custom made to fit each model and it's design for each specific application with precision cutting technology. Spec amp; Features:1) Made with Reflective Mylar Flim in Silver (Front) and Felt Material in Grey (Back) 2) With Supporting Boards Which Prevent the Sunshade from Falling (Anti-Droop / Anti-Sag) 3) Unique Fit Folding Thermal Shade Provide Protection Against Heat and Damaging Sunlight 4) Keep Cooler in Parked Vehicle, Including Steering Wheel and Dashboard5) Easy to Install. Just Unfold and Put on Dashboard. Finish Installation in Seconds!6) Helps to Decrease Daytime Interior Temperatures (~30 degrees Fahrenheit) 7) Come with Protective Pouch for Fold Up Storage (Not Roll up)8) Custom fit for your vehicle; This part is guaranteed to fit: Nissan Maxima A35 2009-2014 Only ; Pictures show actual productSize amp; Dimension:Overall Length(Inch): 23.8"Overall Width(Inch): 55.4"

Tuningpros SS-271 Custom Fit Car Windshield Sun Shade Protector,

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