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HI-TEC Men's Hiking Shoes


HI-TEC Men's Hiking Shoes

Product description

Hi-tec phoenix sport wp - lightweight waterproof walking boots, instantly comfortable features an ortholite sockliner which delivers long lasting cushioning

Hi-tec Phoenix Sport wp - Botas de senderismo impermeables ligeras, cómodas al instante cuentan con una plantilla ortopédica que ofrece una amortiguación duradera

HI-TEC Men's Hiking Shoes

Water Treatment Solutions

Lenntech Water Treatment solutions is a design and manufacturing company serving numerous industries.
Since 1993, we’ve been delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for several applications and processes of water treatment, wastewater reuse and membrane separation.
Our wide range of technologies and extended know-how in all water-related sectors will guarantee you a cost-efficient solution meeting your water quality requirements.


Aquatech  -  Lenntech, The Winner of the Innovation Award

Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis

Lenntech (European Head Office)

Distributieweg 3
2645 EG Delfgauw
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 152 610 900
fax: +31 152 616 289
e-mail: info@lenntech.com

Lenntech USA LLC (Americas)

5975 Sunset Drive
South Miami, FL 33143
Phone: +1 877 453 8095
e-mail: info@lenntech.com

Lenntech DMCC (Middle East)

Level 5 - OFFICE #8-One JLT Tower
Jumeirah Lake Towers
Dubai - U.A.E.
Phone: +971 4 429 5853
e-mail: info@lenntech.com

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