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GLW Sword Chinese Longquan Zhenguanxi Chef Max 89% OFF Popular popular Dragon M Rising

GLW Sword Chinese Longquan Sword Zhenguanxi Rising Dragon Chef M


GLW Sword Chinese Longquan Sword Zhenguanxi Rising Dragon Chef M

Product description

Overall Length: 13.70 inch / 35.00 cm (approximately)

Nagasa (blade) Length: 6.70 inch / 17.00 cm (approximately)
Handle Length: 4.70 inch / 12.00 cm (approximately)

Blade Width: 3.93 inch / 10.00 cm (approximately)

Blade Thickness: 0.19 inch / 0.50 cm (approximately)
Weight: 1000g
Blade Material: Traditional Hand Forged Bearing steel

Handle Material: Macassar ebony wood
Fittings Material: Pure copper
Condition: Brand New

GLW Sword Chinese Longquan Sword Zhenguanxi Rising Dragon Chef M

Scientific literature – Longevity

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