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Laverapelle Men's Genuine Lambskin Complete Free Shipping Black Jacket Aviato Leather 5% OFF

Laverapelle Men's Genuine Lambskin Leather Jacket (Black, Aviato


Laverapelle Men's Genuine Lambskin Leather Jacket (Black, Aviato

Product description

Laverapelle Men's 100% authentic Genuine Lambskin leather Jacket Impeccably tailored to walk the line between handsome and rugged.

This stylish men's Genuine leather Jacket is hand-crafted from the finest Genuine NAPPA Lambskin leather in our factory and delivered to your door step. The leather we use is known for its quality, durability and softness.

Accessories like Zip, Buttons etc. may vary from those in pictures depending on Market availability. Color may look different then pictures depending on screen resolution.

When selecting a size, please leave at least 5-6 inches from body measurement to get a slim fit.

100% satisfaction guarantee, Backed with Laverapelle 30 Days, No Hassle Returns amp; Refunds.


Select Polyester lining, Cotton lining or Fiberfill lining.


For Custom Size please select "One Size" from Size Dropdown menu place an order and send your complete Body Measurement to us.
Get Bespoke Leather Jacket - Made On Your Personalized Demand - entirely Made-to-Measure, based on your provided measurements.

Size ----------- BODY CHEST ---- Chest ---- Waist ---- Shoulders ---- Sleeves

XSmall (XS) *** 36" To 37" ****** 42 ****** 38 ******* 17.5 ******** 25
Small (S) ------- 38" To 39" -------- 44 -------- 40 --------- 18 ------------- 25.5
Medium (M) *** 40" To 41" ****** 46 ****** 42 ******* 18.5 ******** 26
Large (L) ------- 42" To 43" -------- 48 -------- 44 --------- 19 ------------- 26.5
XLarge (XL) *** 44" To 45" ****** 50 ****** 46 ******* 19.5 ******** 27
2XLarge (2XL) - 46" To 47" -------- 52 -------- 48 ---------- 20 ------------ 27.25
3XLarge (3XL) * 48" To 49" ****** 54 ****** 50 ******* 21 ********* 27.5
4XLarge (4XL) - 50" To 51" -------- 56 -------- 52 ---------- 22 ------------ 28
5XLarge (5XL) * 52" To 53" ****** 58 ****** 54 ******* 23 ********* 28.5

Laverapelle Men's Genuine Lambskin Leather Jacket (Black, Aviato

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