$315 Deve Herbes Pure Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil (Ocimum Sanctu Health Household Health Care Deve Los Angeles Mall Herbes Pure Holy Basil Oil Tulsi Sanctu Essential Ocimum $315 Deve Herbes Pure Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil (Ocimum Sanctu Health Household Health Care Deve Los Angeles Mall Herbes Pure Holy Basil Oil Tulsi Sanctu Essential Ocimum Health Household , Health Care,Herbes,Oil,Sanctu,Basil,Deve,Holy,$315,(Tulsi),knightsofcharity.org,(Ocimum,Pure,Essential,/cryptococcic1303364.html Health Household , Health Care,Herbes,Oil,Sanctu,Basil,Deve,Holy,$315,(Tulsi),knightsofcharity.org,(Ocimum,Pure,Essential,/cryptococcic1303364.html

Deve Los Angeles Mall Herbes Pure Holy Basil Oil Tulsi Sanctu Essential Ocimum Large special price !!

Deve Herbes Pure Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil (Ocimum Sanctu


Deve Herbes Pure Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil (Ocimum Sanctu

Product description

Size:1250ml (42.2 Ounce)

Deve Herbes Pure Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil (Ocimum sanctum) 100% Therapeutic Grade Steam Distilled for Personal Care WE GUARANTEE: Highest Quality Pure, Natural amp; Undiluted Oils. If you are not satisfied, you can get a 100% refund even after using the product. Try it risk-free with No-Questions-Asked 100% Money-back Guarantee. ABOUT DEVE HERBES: dève herbes is a privately owned essential oil company specializing in sourcing finest natural essential oils from native crop regions around the globe. With largest range of essential amp; carrier oils in the world, dève herbes has more than a million highly satisfied customers in over 100 countries. Our oils are natural, pure, undiluted, with traceable origin, of highest quality amp; with 100% money back guarantee. Our range also includes Essential Oil Blends, Aroma Oils, Natural Herbs, Body Butters, Floral Waters and Waxes.Thanks for Shopping

Deve Herbes Pure Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil (Ocimum Sanctu



4 August 2020

Baxters Food Group acquires Orexis Fresh Foods

Baxters Food Group has acquired Orexis Fresh Foods Ltd, a London based chilled foods business.

Audrey Baxter, Executive Chairman and Group CEO of Baxters Food Group, commented: “W.A Baxter & Sons (Holdings) Ltd, owners of Baxters Food Group, has confirmed the acquisition of London based Orexis Fresh Foods Ltd.”

Orexis is a well-established fresh food manufacturer specialising in chilled ready to eat products and employs 80 staff at its production facility in North London. The company supplies its portfolio of branded, licensed and private label products to food service and retail customers across the UK.

“The acquisition is part of our global growth strategy and offers us the opportunity to expand our UK offering into chilled food.”


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Made with love

Orexis Fresh Foods Ltd is a specialist food manufacturer of chilled ready to eat products, with our main focus on dips of all backgrounds.


Our Story

The Orexis brand has been widely recognised as a leading manufacturer in the foodservice industry for over 30 years, with an established following for our Greek speciality dips. We have built our success on 3 main objectives: Quality Products, Unbeatable Service and New Product Development.
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Orexis Fresh Foods recently celebrated the news that five of its newly launched lines, wowed judges in Great Taste 2013 by being awarded One 2*Star Award and Four 1*Star Awards – Great Taste is the world’s largest and most rigorous food awards scheme involving over 400 judges and thousands of hours of blind tasting. Winning products were as follows; 2*Star – Pomegranate Houmous, 1*StarRoasted Red Pepper & Jalapeno Houmous, Broad Bean Houmous and Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade.


Our Retail Range

All our dips are manufactured on site in London with high quality ingredients and free from Genetically Modified Organisms.


Selection Packs

We offer two handy selection packs. An authentic Greek and classic Tex Mex selection consisting of 3x 70g dips. Both selection packs are available in cases of 8.


Greek Selection Pack

A classic Greek selection of dips. Ideal as a dip or accompaniment with toasted pitta bread, olives or vegetable crudités.


Softened chickpeas blended with tahini paste, flavoured with oil, lemon juice and garlic.


Marinated cod roe blended with breadcrumbs, oil and flavoured with onion.


Refreshing yoghurt blended with grated cucumber, garlic and flavoured with olive and mint.



Tex Mex Selection Pack

A classic Tex Mex selection of dips. Ideal as a snack with tortilla chips, or served with chilli con carne, fajitas, burritos or tacos.

Tomato Salsa

Juicy tomatoes, chopper onions and peppers, spiced with coriander and chilli.


Crushed avocadoes. chopper tomatoes and chillies, flavoured with garlic and onion.

Sour Cream and Chives

Soured cream combined with the mild oniony flavour of chives.


Our Service

Orexis have used recipes and techniques passed down 3 generations to bring to you the finest quality products. We supply to supermarket chains and bulk packages to wholesalers and the catering sector. In addition to sales in the United Kingdom, we also export to Europe and many other continents.

Quality Products

Our primary focus is the manufacture of Dips, influenced from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, with a predominantly Mediterranean feel.


In addition to our extensive range of Dips we also produce a number of Tapenades, Olive blends and also import various exciting appetizers from around the globe.

Unbeatable Service

Orexis is a truly unique company to work with, as not only do we provide a friendly personal approach to business, but a professional approach to all facets of the industry.

Friendly Team

Working with us means working with a team of dedicated staff with years of experience between them. Orders are processed, manufactured, packed and despatched from our site in Park Royal, London, with a 48hrs lead time delivery all over the UK.

New Product Development

We possess a dedicated team who provide innovative and creative solutions to New Product Development, with an objective to stay ahead of market trends and up to date with innovation.

Bespoke Service

We also provide an exclusive bespoke service for larger volume clientele, sourcing products from afar and experimenting with flavours to create new and unique products. We work alongside you from concept to launch to achieve a common goal, and always are committed to ensuring the best result.

Our Facility

Orexis manufactures all products on site in our North London based facility and operates in accordance with the HACCP and BRC (AA-level) guidelines. At each step of the process, we do everything necessary to ensure the highest quality and best tasting products.

GMO Free

We use only BRC accredited sites to supply us with the ingredients, which are all free from (GMO) Genetically Modified Organisms.

Quality Approved

We have a committed Technical Department who oversee all aspects of food safety and quality standards, and all shelf testing and microbiological testing is sent to UKAS accredited laboratories.


Serving Suggestions

Need a little inspiration...? Why not try one of the many delicious serving suggestions below, all of which truly compliment our Orexis retail range of dips.


If you’d like to know more about us, our products or our approach, please feel free to contact our team…