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SCARPA Velocity V Women's Climbing Shoes - AW21


SCARPA Velocity V Women's Climbing Shoes - AW21

Product description

Scarpa Velocity V Climbing Shoes The design brief for the Velocity was to build a shoe that offers unrivalled comfort, climbing ability and value. Microfibre Upper Constructed using a microfibre upper, the Scarpa Vapour V Climbing Shoes are worthy of any outdoor adventure. Designed to provide the right amount of flexibility and support, the upper conforms to the shape of the foot yet, retains its elasticity for a better, more supportive fit. The microfibre upper ensures the shoes hold their shape for long that other leather equivalents plus, its soft on the skin for complete comfort. The perforated tongue sits comfortably against the skin and allows cool air to circulate throughout the shoe so you can remain cool, dry and comfortable at all times. A rand stretches around the heel and to the toes to ensure durability and protection from knocks and scrapes. Lastly, an innovative closure system consisting of two velcro straps that pull in the opposite direction ensure a locked-down fit for added midfoot support. Flexan Midsole The midsole of the Velocity V Climbing Shoes is low in profile to save on weight and increase underfoot feel. The Flexan midsole is 1.0mm thick to ensure a level of support which doesn't compromise on sensitivity. The midsole spreads the force in the forefoot and allows for excellent flexibility in the rear of the shoe so you can edge into the smallest crevices with the confidence you can get back out again. The Instinct is moderately downturned to allow your feet to form a position that's best for climbing. Vision Outsole Developed using a vision rubber outsole, the Velocity V is both sticky and resilient in all conditions. The stiff rubber is effective on terrain where small crevices and edging is a priority. The rigid nature of the outsole supports you during any climb by adapting to the ground below you and bearing your weight as you move from rock type to rock type. The outsole of this shoe is specially designed for newer climbe

SCARPA Velocity V Women's Climbing Shoes - AW21

1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton California King Size, Navy Str

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