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german kabirski NEW before selling 1 Carat Blue Topaz free 925 Handmade in Ring Barrel S

german kabirski 1 Carat Blue Topaz Handmade Barrel Ring in 925 S


german kabirski 1 Carat Blue Topaz Handmade Barrel Ring in 925 S

Product Description


Polished stones have no energy. Such stones go through a lot of artificial enrichment processes – heating, chemical processing, irradiation, etc. All of it is done to create shiny commercial product. In my opinion, it’s absolute stupidity, which kills the most precious aspect of the stone – it’s soul. I work with wild, virgin stones because I love their energy and the uniqueness in each piece. Their shapes were formed in the earth over millions of years. They are deeply rich and alive to me. I feel that their individuality, their flaws and textures are much more adorable than glamorous look of polished stones. I also prefer such women-accepting and emphasizing their natural beauty, instead of trying to be alike and the same, such as following cultural beauty and fashion standards.

I work very chaotically and intuitively. Kandinsky and Pollock inspire me with their approach. I never plan collections, as most jewelry companies do. My subconscious is expressed in my art. I trust my intuition much more than thinking logically. It works especially well with raw stones as I am inspired to invent by variety of their shapes, colors and forms. I have an impulse, an urge to create new jewelry every single day, and am a very prolific artist. Ho nesty in self-expression is very important to me, especially if it means going against demands and market trends.

german kabirski 1 Carat Blue Topaz Handmade Barrel Ring in 925 S

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