Mount,32-Inch,MW-5A1VB,$221,Cotytech,for,Articulating,,Arm,/clapmatch1279041.html,Electronics , Television Video,Wall,Single Mount,32-Inch,MW-5A1VB,$221,Cotytech,for,Articulating,,Arm,/clapmatch1279041.html,Electronics , Television Video,Wall,Single $221 Cotytech MW-5A1VB Single Arm Articulating Wall Mount for 32-Inch Electronics Television Video $221 Cotytech MW-5A1VB Single Arm Articulating Wall Mount for 32-Inch Electronics Television Video Cotytech MW-5A1VB Single Max 84% OFF Arm Articulating for Wall 32-Inch Mount Cotytech MW-5A1VB Single Max 84% OFF Arm Articulating for Wall 32-Inch Mount

Cotytech MW-5A1VB Single Max 84% OFF Arm Articulating New products, world's highest quality popular! for Wall 32-Inch Mount

Cotytech MW-5A1VB Single Arm Articulating Wall Mount for 32-Inch


Cotytech MW-5A1VB Single Arm Articulating Wall Mount for 32-Inch

Product description

Cotytech Articulating 32-Inch to 63-Inch TV Wall Mount is a completely full motion mount for both small and large size TV, with weight capacity of 140lbs (63.6kgs), featuring 5 - 15 degree tilt, 180 degree swivel, 23.1-Inch full extension amp; -3 to 3 degree roll. This flat screen articulating TV wall mount is our latest breakthrough in flat panel mount design. The TV mount boasts integrated strength through the latest engineering technology, and is tested for durability in our offshore manufacturing plant. The Cotytech wall mount has been built with the end user in mind, and features easy installation while offering intuitive, practical amp; functional design from one of the leading manufacturers of wall mounts.

Cotytech MW-5A1VB Single Arm Articulating Wall Mount for 32-Inch

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