YoungSee Skin Weft Invisible Tape Max 89% OFF in Extensions Hair Human YoungSee,Hair,Skin,Tape,Extensions,Hair,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Invisible,$54,/aurichlorohydric1427871.html,in,Human,Weft, YoungSee,Hair,Skin,Tape,Extensions,Hair,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Invisible,$54,/aurichlorohydric1427871.html,in,Human,Weft, YoungSee Skin Weft Invisible Tape Max 89% OFF in Extensions Hair Human $54 YoungSee Skin Weft Invisible Tape in Hair Extensions Human Hair Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $54 YoungSee Skin Weft Invisible Tape in Hair Extensions Human Hair Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

YoungSee Skin Weft Invisible Tape Max 89% Max 73% OFF OFF in Extensions Hair Human

YoungSee Skin Weft Invisible Tape in Hair Extensions Human Hair


YoungSee Skin Weft Invisible Tape in Hair Extensions Human Hair

Product Description

tape in hair extensions human hair
tape in hair extensions human hair
tape in hair extensions human hair

1. Make a section horizontally in your hair, staring from the bottom of your neck.

2. Grab a bit of hair, not too much, otherwise extensions easy to fall. place the first tape extensions onto your own hair. Remove the white cover on the tape hair extensions to expose the tape.

3. Line up the extensions directly even with the scalp and attach by pressing to piece of desired hair. Apply pressure with gingers for 5-10 seconds to secure hold.

4.Take a second tape extensions strip and press it firmly towards the underlying extensions. The two extensions strips are now glued together with a part of your own hair in between them

5.Apply pressure with fingers for 5-10 seconds to secure hold, placing the tape extensions side by side with a distance of about 1cm(0.5 inch)

6.Please make sure to check that you are not placing the extensions too far out on two side making them visible. The extensions should always stay covered beneath your own hair.

tape in hair extensions human hair tape in hair extensions human hair tape in hair extensions human hair tape in hair extensions human hair tape in hair extensions human hair
#1 #2 #1b/4/18 #1b/4/27 #2/2/6
Color #1 #2 #1b/4/18 #1b/4/27 #2/2/6
Matreial Human Hair Human Hair Human Hair Human Hair Human Hair
Length 12-24 Inches 12-24 Inches 12-24 Inches 12-24 Inches 12-24 Inches
Hair Type Silky Straight Silky Straight Silky Straight Silky Straight Silky Straight

YoungSee Skin Weft Invisible Tape in Hair Extensions Human Hair

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Tesla starts judging owners it charged $10,000 for self-driving

Elon Musk has said that on Friday, the electric-car maker will roll out an updated version of its Full Self-Driving beta software, which until ...