Ranking TOP14 YINUJIAO 925 Sterling Silver Rhinestone Hook Earr Butterfly Drop $28 YINUJIAO 925 Sterling Silver Rhinestone Butterfly Hook Drop Earr Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women /artha1279374.html,Butterfly,Rhinestone,YINUJIAO,Earr,Drop,Silver,925,Sterling,$28,Hook,knightsofcharity.org,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women $28 YINUJIAO 925 Sterling Silver Rhinestone Butterfly Hook Drop Earr Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Ranking TOP14 YINUJIAO 925 Sterling Silver Rhinestone Hook Earr Butterfly Drop /artha1279374.html,Butterfly,Rhinestone,YINUJIAO,Earr,Drop,Silver,925,Sterling,$28,Hook,knightsofcharity.org,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women

Ranking TOP13 Ranking TOP14 YINUJIAO 925 Sterling Silver Rhinestone Hook Earr Butterfly Drop

YINUJIAO 925 Sterling Silver Rhinestone Butterfly Hook Drop Earr


YINUJIAO 925 Sterling Silver Rhinestone Butterfly Hook Drop Earr

Product description

♥ About Yinujiao:

Yinujiao --Unique handmade jewelry,perfect and on-trend gift,your ideal choice be in Yinujiao originality jewelry store.

♥ Ideal Gift for Special Occasion:

* Party
* Birthday
* Wedding
* Christmas
* Graduation
* Anniversary
* Engagement
* Mother’s Day
* Valentine's Day
* Romantic Surprises 

♥ Jewelry Maintenance Advice:

1. Avoid touch with chemical agent like alkali and chlorine bleach.
2.Brush it gently by Toothpaste and water if your silver jewelry is oxidation.
3.Please wipe the jewelry with soft cloth to remove moisture and dirt when you take it off.
4.Please store it separately in a soft cloth pocket, prevent it from rubbing against other jewelry.
5.Sealed your jewelry from the air to avoid silver is oxidation if you don't wear for a long time.

Searching for more new fashion handmade jewelry,please welcomed to visit our Yinujiao originality jewelry store!

YINUJIAO 925 Sterling Silver Rhinestone Butterfly Hook Drop Earr

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