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uxcell RVV Wire Cable unisex Extension Max 78% OFF Cord Electric Copper Conduc

uxcell RVV Wire Cable Extension Cord Copper Wire Electric Conduc


uxcell RVV Wire Cable Extension Cord Copper Wire Electric Conduc

Product description

Size:32.8 Feet

Description :
RVV Wire Cable insulated and PVC coated copper ensures flexibility, insulation and corrosion resistivity.
The cores coated in different colors can be easily identified and installed.
RVV Wire Cable is widely used for car, solar, RV and inverter.

Core Quantity: 6
Wire Gauge: 20AWG
Wire Length: 10M / 32.8ft
Rated Temperature: 80 C
Wire Outer Diameter: 9mm / 0.36inch
Wire Material: High Quality Copper , PVC

Package Content:
1 x RVV Cable

uxcell RVV Wire Cable Extension Cord Copper Wire Electric Conduc

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