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EZRUN Men's Mountain Bike Shorts Charlotte Mall Cycling 1 year warranty Fit 3D Pad Loose

EZRUN Men's Mountain Bike Shorts Loose Fit Cycling Shorts 3D Pad


EZRUN Men's Mountain Bike Shorts Loose Fit Cycling Shorts 3D Pad

Product Description


EZRUN Men's Mountain Bike Shorts 3D Padded Cycling MTB Bike Shorts

These men's 3D padded mountain bike shorts are made of breathable, lightweight and waterproof fabric, so you can enjoy the fun and passion of mountain biking in wet weather. This is a wise choice for outdoor activities.The shorts are skin-friendly and very comfortable, with 4 deep zipper pockets, one of which has a 3D effect, so you can carry more things with you.

  • Color: Black, Grey, Blue
  • Size: US S(4-6), M(8-10), L(12-14), XL(16-18), XXL(20-22)
  • Fabric: 95% Polyester,5% Elastane, Skin-friendly Lightweight,Breathable Soft Quick Dry Fabric
  • Adjustable waistband: Elastic waistband with inner drawcord for an adjustable fit
  • 4 Zipper Pockets: 2 zipper pockets on the both sides and you can store electronic device,available for 6.8'' Mobile Phone.Another 2 zipper pockets on both sides of the thighs, which can store keys, wallets, credit cards, valuables, etc.The pocket on the right side of the thigh has a deeper 3D effect
  • Design for: Suitable for outdoor sports such as trail riding, road cycling, bicycle riding, bike travel, motorcycle riding, sports cycling, fishing, etc
  • Easy Care: Machine Wash amp; Hand Wash.Do not tumble dry,Do not iron,Do not bleach.

The interior is equipped with 3D padded underwear,lightweight,breathable,comfortable


Excellent Wicking Pad amp; Water Resistant Fabric


EZRUN Men's Mountain Bike Shorts Loose Fit Cycling Shorts 3D Pad

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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